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Shri HitTantra Nyas is a registered SEWA organization having its head office in ShriVrindavan – The Holy Abode of Divine Bliss. ShriVrindavan is such a place of Radha-Krishna where idealest Couple Consciousness is continuously sporting delightfully and which is indeed a real basis of natural combination of Positive and Negative Energies. In the adored concerns of ShriVrindavan “Forest Splendor” has achieved a supernatural respect as a couple – sport – stadium. This positive and negative couple – energy is the directing authority of cosmic activities. 5000 years ago Krishna Consciousness, descending itself on earth, mingled the Divine Blissful Attitude in human behavior and activities. Since then a continuous research process is going on to make human life compassionate and blissful. In the same continuous process many great men came down who accepted this wisdom of compassionate intellectuals that “ He, who is always an intimate compassion of all and is ever engaged in doing good to others by mind, speech and action – does know the Religion in its true sense.”

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Shri HitTantra Nyas is active on the basis of “Raso Vai Sah” jlks oS l% “Hitmayam Sarvmev Hi” fgre;a loZeso fg “Manav Dharm” ekuo /keZ and “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” olq/kSo dqVqEcde~. Since last half century many a deep research work has been done in this direction, in Vrindavan, in conclusion with that ‘There is a severe need to transfer Inter – coordination of Spirituality, Nature and Society into human life which lies inside God - made Blissful Structure of this universe and it is quite possible through a proper Training of Selfless Love (fgr lk/kuk) which is also called E-Sadhana (bZ&lk/kuk).