INSTITUTE - Human Sanctuary

Mother Nature is the Sole Provider of everything. Human Being, being a special Creature of Nature, supposedly the best one, is capable of enjoying the highest rewards of Nature. The visionary persons who have deep perception into Nature, who learn to read the Messages of Nature to the deeper and deeper levels have always, through Nature, tried to explore that - Who created the Cosmos and its entire system ? Till today this exploration for knowing the CREATOR goes on!

One of the ancient Indian Vedic statements says that "Rasa" is the Creator. Rasa means Gist, Juice, Essence, Bliss or Love. So, Love created the Cosmos. But then question came up - How? Another Vedic statement then said that Love could not create it alone, so He divided Himself into Two equal and opposite Halves, and initiated these two Halves to interact mutually. Under the influence of Love these two opposite Cosmic Energies started interacting together and through this interaction the entire Cosmic Creation came into existence to spread Joy all over. As, these two equal Halves of Cosmic Energy (LOVE) are opposite in nature, they are called "Gaur-Shyam", "Light-Dark", "White-Black" or the "Yin-Yang".

Human beings, being provided with special powers and functional freedom of body, mind and intellect to enjoy the Cosmic Creation, start becoming more and more egocentric (possessive) instead of becoming thankful to the Cosmic bounty. Cosmos works within the following 11 cosmic bounties:

  1. Time (Director) dky
  2. Sky (Space) vkdk'k
  3. Fire (Energy) rst
  4. Air (Gas) ok;q
  5. Water (Liquid) ty
  6. Earth (Solid) i`Foh
  7. Environment ( Natural & Man-made ) ifjos'k
  8. Body ( Activities ) 'kjhj
  9. Intellect ( Ideas ) cqf)
  10. Mind ( Desire ) eu
  11. Pran ( Life force) izk.k
These 11 Cosmic Entities are nothing but Constituents of Human Sanctuary - The Earth: created by Almighty. Human of today, without thinking and understanding, is engaged into erecting animal and bird sanctuaries but on the parallel destroying his Own Natural Sanctuary gifted to him by Nature; also he is frightened in his Own Natural Sanctuary. He is away from Natural Bliss. In fact, amazingly, man can live fearlessly and blissfully in co-ordination with Himself, Society and Nature.

In consideration to above we have created an Education Academy: HUMAN SANCTUARY INSTITUTE.

HUMAN SANCTUARY INSTITUTE HSI is a Central Training Institute constituted under the guidance of Shrihitkinkar Sewak Sharan Maharaj ji, in the directorship of Dr.Berindam Gunakar and run by Shri HitTantra Nyas. Campus of Institute is located in a historical land of ShriVrindavan. The institute area LATA BHAVAN has been developed as a Microcosm of Global Vrindavan. The Institute is establishing following activities: